Job Stress and Your Heart

I have an urge to make some commentary about something that most people do, everyday, without really thinking. How many times have you heard the phrases, “oh yeah know, just another day” or how about – “it must be the weather” or how about this for an excuse” oh it must just be because it’s Monday.” How many times can a person hear this throughout their life? Many, so it seems. Too many people have accepted that their work life must be drudgery.

Mental Health Stress


I don’t think that Steve jobs, size Orman, Oprah, or any other highly successful people dread going to their jobs. And it’s not because they have money, and are super successful but rather it’s because they took what they knew they loved doing in life, shared it with others, and the wealth spread. You see, when you do what you love, you are fulfilling your divine purpose. If you know what that purpose is – you need to go out and do it. For the sake of your mental, emotional, and trust me on this one physical health- to go out and do it. (Have you ever experienced weight gain, mental fog, grogginess, boredom, and a crappy attitude at work? Do you take it home with you even though you say you won’t? Do you find yourself going home to eat when you are not hungry or consume extra liquid calories? It’s all connected.

Here are the Five Reasons

You will experience joy. When people are happy in their lives, whatever happiness means to you, whether its glass beading all day or kayaking down the Colorado River – you will experience a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment by simply existing through your hearts desires.

Your recurrent illnesses will suddenly disappear. Your body loves you. It knows you; it has never stopped breathing you, or nourishing you. It also knows when you are depressed. When something outside of you happens to make you sad or depressed, have you become sick with a cold? On the contrary, when you start to explore your true desires and accept your vision for happiness, your physical body becomes happier. Your thoughts translate to things.

Your stress levels decrease. Stress is real, and it can live in your body for long periods of time and cause all kinds of disorders and disease. In Chinese medicine it is said that stress lives in you liver and can literally clog the energy flow in your body. Stress stops flow in your life. When you release it, your life will start to flow the way you envision.

You will have a stronger immune system. When you are positive and happy, your little white blood cells will literally increase which make your immune system function better and help to ward off illness! Wow! Thank your body and mind

You will have a better chance of curing disease and illness when you are happy. Endorphins are produced in the brain when a person is happy. Don’t you love endorphins? You know that feeling you have when you leave the gym, sweaty but feeling amazing? Don’t you want that feeling daily?

If your answer is yes – open your mind to all the health benefits of simply making a change in how you spend your days on this lovely planet. Do good for you, do good for others. You deserve it.

Safe Way to Pop a Pimple

You must be stress when there are lots of pimples, spots or zit on your face and back. You are not confidence when you go to all places. You really want to be free from the pimples and most women will choose to pop the pimples to be free from their problem. Is it a best solution for you? Actually you should not pop your pimples because there are some risks that you will get. If you really want to pop your pimple, there are some articles that will guide you and talk about how to pop a pimple in good way. You better do all instruction so you can reduce the risk such as acne scars, infection, break skin, and cause more pimples on your face, back or other parts of your body.

Pimple Popping

Instructions – How to pop a pimple

Here you can see how to pop a pimple. You must pass the steps below:

  • It is important to wash your hand first for safely pop pimples.You can check your nails before you pop your pimples. When you always clean or wash your nails and fingers first you will avoid infection and also irritation on your face. You can simple wash your hand before touch the pimple.
  • Clean the skin by using antibacterial cleanser. You must remove sweat, makeup and dirt too on your face before you pop the pimples.
  • You can exfoliate over the pimple. It is needed to remove dead skin cell. You can use cloth and also dab and then use salicylic acid to avoid acne scars after you pop the pimples.
  • You can put the disposable gloves and then cover the finger with tissue. It helps you to prevent the bacteria.
  • You need to find the center of the pimple and then plant pads your fingertips on each side.
  • You must wipe the area with antibacterial or antiseptic solution and apply benzoyl peroxide right on the pimples.

How to Pop a Pimple without Leaving a Scar

You can do some instruction above but you must know too how to pop a pimple without leaving acne scars on your face. The highlight of pop pimples will be same. You just need to care of all tools that you use when you want to pop the pimples. Please make sure that all tools that you used are specially designed to pop pimples and all tools must be submerging with hydrogen peroxide for at least three minutes. You also need to steam your face 20 minutes with hot water. It helps you to open the pores. There are three things that you must have when you want to avoid scars. First you must have pimple extractor.

Second, you need hydrogen peroxide and the last one is facial steamer. You must know that popping pimples will not give you please sensation. You must suffer with the pain. You better visit your dermatologist before you pop the pimples. The dermatologist can give you other solution to pop your pimples safely. The dermatologist helps you to explain about the cause of pimples and zit on your skin.

Considerations in Selecting Travel System for Baby

Having a newborn baby would be a very pleasant thing. But having a baby will change your all flow life. When you previously can go alone, so, now you have to bring the baby to travel. But now, there are many types of equipment to make babies remain comfortable even if invited to travel. Equipment such as a travel system has changed all activities parents become more enjoyable. But many parents do not realize that the best baby travel system would be a very expensive investment. And usually some supplies will eventually pile up in the warehouse. You will feel once the baby grows into children who can indulge independently. Here are some considerations in choosing a travel system that is safe for baby. After read 2015 Britax b ready stroller spotlight review, I personally choose Britax Stroller.

Customize a Travel System with the Needs

Baby TravelDo you often take baby on foot or by car? When you want to find strollers then you should choose the most appropriate form. Some stroller is offered with a system that can be used to walk or put it into the car. But there are some kinds of safety standards you must meet to keep the children feel comfortable and safe. You can test the stroller on the locking system, the ease of changing the rules, and comfort for baby. If you find a travel device for the baby with all the conditions are met, then you can select it.

Ease of Use and Security Level

Do you have a baby with a desire to move greater than normal babies? If you put baby in car seats may make the baby uncomfortable. To reduce this risk, then all you need to test the stability of the stroller. You could do some sort of small simulation prior to purchasing. If you choose a stroller that looks safe and does not have a big risk then it could be the right device.

Adjust the Baby Travel System Size with Baby Size

StrollerBabies are tiny human that easy to grow. We may only notice when he was born but when they go in a stroller, then there is a train that looks smaller. In addition, the growing weight of the baby will make car seats that you choose may not fit anymore. So, you can choose a baby travel sizes can be used up to a certain age.

Many parents who are find errors when viewing the stroller from the only attractive appearance. In fact, many fatal errors are resulting from the selection of colors and models only. But the best way to find baby travel system is to select the gear that makes the baby feels safe and comfortable. Remember, that the baby is not yet able to speak, so you have to give an indication of when the baby starts to cry or want to get out of the stroller. So, you can put some baby care tips are to find the type of stroller that is most comfortable. You can also find some baby travel gear that makes the baby feel happy to travel with their parents.

Lower Abdominal Exercises

Lower abdominal exercises are easy, but not many people like to do so. Like any other exercises, it took a lot of commitment to do regular exercise every day. The exercise does not really need to use any tools rather than your body. When you feel like the fat in your stomach already circulated and you hate to see it, maybe it is time for you to work your stomach muscle. One thing you should know, that Lower abdominal exercises maintain the muscles which can resulting to improve your digestion.

Lower Abdominal Exercises for Stomach Disease

The stomach holds 4 muscles between the ribcage and pelvis area. They are the internal and external oblique, and rectus and tranversus abdominis. As mention before, this lower abdominal exercises maintain the health of your internal organ, especially from IBS and Diverticulitis. When you have a weak muscle in the colon, it is more likely you will have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Although the exact cause of this have not found yet, but it has something to do with weakness of muscle movement in the colon. This syndrome can cause bloating, constipation or even diarrhea. As for Diverticulitis, the weak muscles in the colon causing burn sensation and cramps after eating.

Abdominal Exercises

Hernia is also another disease that can be cause by the weak of the stomach muscle. But be careful, over exercise will make this worse. Most hernia case is fixing by surgery. Recovering from the surgery will need lower abdominal exercises to enhance the recovery plus to prevent other hernia case. But remember, any exercises are needed consultation with physical therapies. The lower abdominal exercises start one month after the surgery. It will give time the surgery wound to heal and preparing the muscle to work.

Lower Abdominal Exercises for Hernia Recovery

For the first time, the lower abdominal exercises start with abdominal curls. Prepare a thin mattress, and then laying on your back with your back touch the floor. Slightly place your hand on your hernia and do sit-up, just remember to keep your shoulder blade firm and still on the floor to make sure it is your stomach muscle that working. Do this exercise 5 times and move to count 15 slowly. When the muscles already get its strength do bike movements while you still lying on your back, do this 12 times with each leg. Remember to keep your physician eyes on your lower abdominal exercises carefully since of any wrong movement that can cause the hernia worse.

Lower Abdominal Exercises for Sexy Abs

Despite of the lower abdominal exercises are needed for the health to avoid several disease, this exercise is also good to maintain body shape. First thing to do is see yourself at the mirror, pull in your stomach, relax your shoulder, maintain your straight posture, held your head up and chin out. This will work your transversus abdominis.

To exercising the muscle in your stomach need cooperation with the legs. The important thing is to pull your stomach muscle in every exercise. Lie on your back, lift your legs straight and start to move your legs side to side, this move call windshield wipers. Still lying and still raising your legs, slowly lower your legs until almost touching the mattress, and raise it up again until shaped 90 degrees. Those lower abdominal exercises if working continually will make your abs look sexier.

Must Avoid Food to Prevent Acne

Avoid Food to Prevent AcnePeople should really admit that any kind of condition which they have with their body must have very close relation with the foods they eat in their daily menu. There is no question that people should choose healthy foods to eat if they do not want to get problem with their body condition although it is just kind of problem which will not associate with life and death. It is true that the foods will represent the problem which we have with our body just like the foods which can cause acne and it is great problem for many people who have big concern about their health. People should recognize more about foods that cause acne so they can avoid it and be free from acne problem which can be stressful actually.

What Food Causes Acne?

People usually just eat foods with consideration that the food will help them free from hunger and they are also able to get the energy for doing the whole activities in their daily life from the food. However, nowadays of course people will not only consider about those matters because they also want to eat the food which is delicious enough but they should be careful with the delicious food because delicious food sometimes can cause problem for our body and it can also cause acne which should be simple but really troublesome thing for many people for sure.

If people want to stay healthy, they should take healthy foods to eat because this means that they can keep part of their body properly. The foods for healthy skin of course will be needed if people want to make sure that their skin is healthy and free from acne which really can ruin their skin health as well as appearance. Of course for assuring that people can avoid acne or at least do not make the acne problem getting worse, they should also avoid the foods that cause acne such as the foods which contain too much salt, artificial sweetener, fat, as well as caffeine in their daily menu.

5 Foods that Cause Acne

People should start to be more aware about the foods that they eat because the food which we eat today will be investment of good or bad in the future. If people choose healthy foods to eat nowadays, it will mean that they can avoid many kinds of problem which is associated with body in the future. On the other side, when people choose the unhealthy foods since today, there is no doubt that people are collecting the bad content in their body which cause health problem in the future.

People can choose the foods for healthy skin so they have skin which is far away from the problem on their skin but there is no doubt that they can get involved with skin problem such as acne soon enough when they consume too much foods that cause acne. That is why people should avoid at least the top five foods which cause acne.

Dairy product is the first top list of food which people should avoid for avoiding acne since it has too much fat and also hormones especially if the milk comes from pregnant cow. Food with trans-fat content is not good for body health and skin health as well. Processed food is another dangerous food which can be the cause of acne since it has many kinds of additional content, sugars, as well as carbohydrate. Caffeine and alcohol will cause stress level elevation and random sleep patterns so it will bring bad effect to the acne.